Massage By Melissa

 FIT is proud to offer on site massage with Massage By Melissa. 

Please call or text Melissa to schedule an appointment today!


Melissa Fisher

I am a licensed massage therapist who specializes in deep tissue massage. I have over 17 years of experience and obtained my license from the Dayton school of Medical Massage in 2002. I like to focus on athletes, injury recovery, post surgical massage, and injury prevention, but I provide Swedish and relaxation styles of massage as well.  "My number one priority is to help people meet their goals and stay healthy."

She has worked with me twice a week and given me an amazingly wider degree of flexibility and movement.

Leib Lurie

Wonderful!! I have had both a relaxing full body massage.
After a back injury she did a more isolated massage and got me able to move again!
Love her services!

Lisa Courter

Wonderful- helped me so many times and continues to inform me of other things I can do to stretch and mobilize to help!

Jessie Johnson

Melissa has made me feel like a new person over and over again! She is so knowledgable and takes her time to explain what she's doing as well as tell you ways to help yourself continue the recovery process at home. She's a life saver!

Ashlee Gulker

I have gone to Melissa numerous times and she has always taken care of my shoulder and mobility issues. I recommend her whenever the topic comes up!

Jerry Willson

Melissa has been a God send in my recovery since neck surgery. Without her knowledge and technique, I would not have healed as quickly as I have since the summer of 2015.  

Kim Dickerson