FITness Classes

bootcamp_logo FIT BOOTCAMP  Join a FIT Personal Trainer for an hour of Aerobic, Plyometric, and Strength training. All Fitness levels encouraged to participate. Drop ins welcomed.
McGovern Irish Dance offers exceptional Irish dance instruction for ages 4 to adult, from beginner to     championship levels. We strive to develop the self-esteem, confidence, and Irish dance skills of each dancer in a positive, nurturing environment where all of our students can reach their full potential.

We work to instill a sense of unity and friendship among our students and their families through a variety of Irish cultural events such as the Dayton Celtic Festival, Ohio Celtic Fest, Dayton’s A World A’fair, Troy Festival of Nations, Global Fest in West Lafayette IN and more. Our dancers also have several opportunities to participate in local, national and international Irish dance competitions.

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Butts & Guts Class BUTTS & GUTS is designed to tone & sculpt the lower body and the abdominal muscles with some cardio movement to increase fat burn. With the use of your own body-weight and various other exercise equipment to be used as resistance to increase the intensity level. 6 weeks/twice a week/30 min focus class!
Zumba. The high-energy classes are set to upbeat music and feature choreographed dance numbers that you might see in a nightclub. You don’t need to be a great dancer to feel welcome in a Zumba class. With the tag line, “Ditch the Workout, Join the Party,” the classes emphasize moving to the music and having a good time, no rhythm required.
trx_logo-300x300 Join our TRX Trainers to enter the world of TRX. Developed by Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise – because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.
Cycling is a non-impact cardiovascular workout that takes
place on a special stationary bike. It is a
group exercise program in which participants work at their
individual fitness levels.
120DaysToFitLogo 120 Days to Fit
•Two days a week training in small group (4-6) with certified trainer
•Off day workouts and cardio guidelines
•Nutrition/Supplement recommendations
•$120 per month with a four month commitment
•After Party reveal at FIT upon completion!
H.I.I.T., or high-intensity interval training, is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time..
HEALTHY FOR LIFE: Maintain your strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular health in this fun and energetic class. This class is intended for all fitness levels
STRENGTH: Find out what your made of in this class. The combination of weights, cardio, and body weighted movements will challenge you at your current level of fitness while having a blast doing it. This class is for any level of fitness.
RESISTANCE BAND: This class was created to be able to reach and improve everyone in all stages of life, regardless of fitness level, ailment, or disease. Resistance bands help to improve balance and core stability, target isolated muscles that are hard to activate and even harder to stretch. Degenerative diseases, weakening bones, and flexibility issues can be immediately felt with in a healthy, well-organized structure which is something every human body needs! This class is designed to help grow and maintain the quality of life, even if getting up and moving is difficult. If walking, sitting, standing, or getting out of bed is physically painful, then this class is meant for you! If you have constant aching muscles or just want to get back into the gym, but have no clue where to start. Let this class get you started!!!!

FIT Classes are available to members & non-members. 30 min classes are $5 and 1 hour classes are $10. Visit our Calendar for our class schedule!