FIT now offers massage! We are pleased to introduce:

I Fix Knots Massage

Sandy Tipps, LMT


Sandy Tipps studied Reiki in 2005-2006 and became a Certified Reiki Master in March of 2006. She studied massage therapy at the Dayton School of Medical Massage, graduated in November of 2007, and passed her state medical boards in December 2007. She continues to explore new modalities to enhance her skills and help her clients to heal.

From Sandy: “I am passionate about massage and I believe in the body’s natural ability to heal. I use my skills and intuition during my sessions to assist in the body’s healing process. I perform Swedish, deep tissue, massage cupping, pregnancy massage, hot stone and lava shells, cold stone headache treatment and trigger point therapy. Whether you crave relaxation, relief from tension, relief from muscular dysfunction, or simply need to recharge; my mission is to provide clients with a massage that meets the ever-changing needs of their body and mind. I tailor your massage to your needs.



Pricing Including tax

-30 min Massage  37.45

-60 min Massage  64.20

-90 min Massage  107.00

-Cold Stone Therapy  48.15

-60 min Lava Shell  74.90

-90 min Lava Shell  112.35

(Hot stone, cupping and percussion machine

are no additional charge.)

My schedule fluctuates daily. Please call or text me to schedule a massage.

Sandy Tipps, LMT (937-308-6206)